erik terence orler
born: february 7th 1988

The world of photography; a world full of colors, ideas and creativeness - the photography was for Erik already as a youngster a fascinating subject. Sometimes he had secretly taken the expensive Minolta camera of his father, because taking pictures with disposable cameras was getting too boring for him. This did not amuse Eriks father in any way, because at that time digital photography did not exist.

Up to his adolescence photography has never let go of him. So he bought himself at the age of 16 years his first own digital SLR camera, a Canon EOS 20D. From then on the photography caught him wholeheartedly. He quickly realized that taking pictures of people made a lot of fun.

What started as a hobby by taking pictures of friends at school and family devolved over the years into a passion and affinity to the photography. Erik has applied his knowledge about photography and his own style thru” learning by doing”!

With his creativity, ambition, friendliness and his will to always create a perfect image, it attracted more and more people to his pictures. His Motto is: I give the moment continuance.